Our Mission

The Leaf mission is to help small merchants improve business management and strengthen customer relationships. We accomplish this mission by providing a versatile mobile Point of Sale (POS) payment system that features rugged, handheld payment tablets and robust, cloud-based business management tools.

Leaf’s open technology platform facilitates a marketplace that connects Leaf merchants with an innovative community of problem solvers who share our desire to inspire business innovation. Through the marketplace, global developers sell a variety of apps that help Leaf merchants improve employee management, track sales, and grow their business.

About Us

Founded in 2011, Leaf is a mobile POS payment system specifically designed to meet the needs of small merchants. The Android-based Leaf tablets accept all forms of customer payment, including credit cards, gift cards, cash, PayPal, and mobile payments. Connecting with all major U.S. credit card processors, Leaf is “processor agnostic,” enabling merchants to keep their current processor or shop for a new one.


What We Do

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Leaf designed and built our rugged Android tablet specifically for small merchants. The tablet easily absorbs harsh wear and tear, its built-in card swiper offers “anywhere checkout,” and merchants can email, text, or print customer receipts. Leaf provides complete catalog and menu customization, detailed insight into all sales transactions and trends, and the ability to manage employee hours, pay rates, and more—using any computer, tablet, or phone.

How We're Different

Everything we do at Leaf focuses on giving merchants more control—over their customer ordering process, over their sales numbers, over their business operations, you name it. That’s why we designed and built a powerful tablet POS that can handle being dropped. That’s why Leaf integrates with your choice of payment processor. And that’s why we offer an open platform upon which app developers can supplement Leaf’s already long list of features.

Who We Are

We are a diverse collection of passionate and successful engineers, entrepreneurs, developers, and creative types hailing from every corner of the world. We are rabid sports fans, budding artists, accomplished dancers, expert pilots, and weekend athletes (some armchair, some actual). We tell interesting stories, speak assorted languages, and blend countless distinctive backgrounds into one united team. We are multi-talented multitaskers. We work in Kendall Square near MIT (T-friendly), the leading hub of innovation and technology in/around Boston, in which we enjoy a broad spectrum of local restaurants and activities.

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