Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage technology to provide a single platform upon which merchants can run and grow their businesses and strengthen their relationships with their customers.

We promise to always do what’s best for the merchant. Leaf’s open platform connects merchants to an innovative community of creators and problem solvers who share our desire to improve small business operations. Together, we’re shaking the foundation of the age-old practice of brick and mortar business and reviving it with technology.

About Us

Leaf is a two year-old and rapidly growing tech company at the forefront of the revolution in changing the way brick and mortar merchants do business. We believe that technology can (and should) enhance the customer experience, and that learning from your own business' data is the best way to grow a small business.

Our purpose is to help small business owners across the nation fight against the giants. We help small business owners not only grow their businesses using their own performance data, but also improve the way they connect with their customers. We deliver digital receipts, integrate across social networks, capture real-time customer feedback, and frequently participate in charity, all in an effort to have consumers experience greater convenience and rewards while at the same time making a global difference.

What We Do

We've designed a powerful Tablet POS custom-built for businesses called the LeafPresenter. It works as a cash register, credit card terminal, and fully-featured Point of Sale. Then there’s LeafBusiness, a comprehensive business management tool that lives in the cloud, where small business owners can build custom reports of their business' data to analyze their business in their own way.

How We're Different

Everything we do is aimed at empowering our merchants with more control over every detail of their business operations. That’s why we built the first-ever tablet POS designed specifically for businesses. That’s why we’ll integrate with your choice of payment processor. That’s also why we have an open platform for developers to build apps that supplement Leaf’s already long list of features.

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of passionate and successful entrepreneurs, engineers, and developers from all over the world. We’re also dancers, pilots, athletes, sports fans, and artists full of interesting stories, various languages, and fascinating backgrounds. We love what we do, and it makes us that much better at our jobs. We're multitalented multitaskers; our skill sets are large and varied, and often implemented simultaneously. We also take pride in philanthropy and helping the environment, which is why we're paperless and are active in our charity efforts.

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